Aerial Security, Surveillance & Disaster Response

Empire Unmanned has veteran U.S. Military Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) experts on staff with years of combat experience. We can provide your business with around the clock aerial security and surveillance. Our team can provide security assessments and tailor a technology solution that best fits your needs and budget. Fixed, semi-permanent, mobile and tethered systems are available with day (VIS) or night payloads (IR). We also provide advanced ISR techniques for law enforcement and other first responder teams.

Empire Unmanned enhances security and disaster response with advanced drone surveillance, LiDAR services, and specialized UAVs for infrastructure inspection. Our aerial surveying and remote sensing capabilities streamline disaster management and security operations. Integrating digital twin technologies and photogrammetry solutions, we deliver precise, real-time data for emergency response and infrastructure safety, reinforcing our position as a leading provider in safety and surveillance solutions.

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