Professional Flight Services

Empire Unmanned specializes in providing Unmanned Aerial Services for the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries. Our pilots are experts in industrial inspection, mapping and aerial security, surveillance and disaster response.

Empire Unmanned has a wide range of state-of-the-art, unmanned aerial platforms with payload cameras and sensors that can collect data in challenging terrain during day or night operations. We also have a long history of providing business solutions for the agricultural, insurance and construction industries.

>  Utilities: Oil & Gas, Power Transmission
>  Mining
>  Aerial Security, Surveillance & Disaster Response
> Construction
>  Mapping & Survey
>  Crop Health & Management
>  Forestry & Land Management
>  Wildfire Monitoring
Empire Unmanned is a subdivision of Empire Airlines that conducts manned flight operations under FAA Part 121 and Part 135.
All Empire Unmanned pilots are Part 107 certified by the FAA.