Cascade Rescue Company hires Empire Unmanned for Training & Demo Footage

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Communication & Tower Inspection, Construction, Forestry & Land Management, Training


Contact: Jeff Williams, President & Senior Pilot
(808) 675-1650


Empire Unmanned was hired by Cascade Rescue Company of Sandpoint, Idaho, to provide aerial imagery of a training and demonstration event held at Silver Mountain Ski Resort in Kellogg, Idaho, in October 2020.

Cascade Rescue Company is a rescue equipment manufacturer with a purpose and mission of helping and protecting those who perform rescues and work at height. The company specializes in the manufacture of safety and rescue products of the highest standard.

Empire Unmanned’s team of Lead Pilot Chad Nelson and Assistant Pilot Lance Neufeld flew several successful flights throughout the day with an AutelEVO 2 drone, capturing ultra high-resolution video and stills of the Cascade Rescue crews performing simulated rescues from the Silver Mountain gondola cars. The EVO 2 was particularly useful for this job as it allowed our pilots to get up close and personal to the action and maintain a high degree of safety in a highly challenging environment.

Cascade Rescue Company’s demonstration included the mounting of the glider on the cables, lowering “victims” from the gondola cars, descending into a gondola car, bypassing the cars, and the mounting and dismounting of a cable and passing towers. The Empire Unmanned team was able to obtain breathtaking video shots throughout the day with no incident and provided the client with outstanding footage for their training and marketing efforts.

Aerial imagery of rescue training Cascade Rescue Company