Unmanned aerial data collection?


Empire Unmanned is the 8th company to receive a Section 333 exemption from the FAA to operate commercial unmanned aircraft.

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Unmanned aerial data collection is a rapidly growing industry and has many applications including;

prewiev-arrow.svg Agriculture

Survey, count, and evaluate your crops more efficiently.

prewiev-arrow.svg Land & Forestry

Evaluate wildfires, survey fire/storm damage,
and look for potential hotspots or problem areas.

prewiev-arrow.svg Mining & Civil Engineering

Calculate inventory and surface volumes, create point clouds, and view 3D surfaces of your
property or project.

prewiev-arrow.svg Inspection & Evaluation

Create HD video to evaluate the condition of structures; perform thermal surveys: find leaks in water lines, unwanted run-off, and energy loss.


Our Aircraft

The senseFly eBee
The eBee is a fixed-wing, 1.5 pound AG drone. This foam and carbon-constructed, battery-operated drone is a hand-launched aerial vehicle with a
38-inch wingspan and a flight time of up to 45
minutes at speeds reaching 56 mph. Its cameras produce an image with a group-sampling distance down to 0.79 inches per pixel.


Watch us fly: